Assembly Notes - Hydraulic Rings

Assembly into two-piece glands should not require any special fitting tools. This applies to both rod and piston seals.

Fitting rod seals into one-piece glands should ideally use fitting tools. Sizes smaller than ø30.00 should use light section seals. Standard section seals smaller than ø30.00 and light section seals smaller than ø12.00 should be installed in open or split grooves only.

Rod seals should be carefully deformed into a kidney shape and located into its groove. The seal should then be sized with a sizing tool.

Fitting piston seals into a one-piece gland can be achived by hand. The PTFE component should be carefully stretched and positioned in its groove, prior to compressing to size by hand.

For volume production, a pusher and sizing tool should be used.

Full details of assembly tools can be obtained from Moontown.

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