Approved Materials

In our continuing desire to meet the complete demands of our customers, Moontown has invested in testing and approval for a number of our material to various international standards.

NORSOK M-710 Rev 2

The sour fluid resistance of 9 materials: 8 PTFE and 1 PEEK has been investigated according to the NORSOK M-710 Rev 2 standard. Tensile dumbbells were exposed to a standard NORSOK fluid mixture containing 2mol% H2S in the test gas mixture. Exposure tests were conducted at 200, 210 and 220 °C for up to 49 days. Samples were periodically removed for testing at room temperature.

Samples were also exposed in the NORSOK liquid-only (without any gas present) for 2 days at the relevant test temperatures. This enabled baseline (zero reference) properties to be obtained for thermally and physically swollen materials without any ageing effects. This is more accurate than using unswollen virgin baseline properties when performing life estimations.

The test concluded that there are small to moderate changes in properties over the longer term durations of the exposures. All the changes are within the NORSOK acceptance criteria of ±50% but none of the changes followed any trends with time or temperature so life estimates could not be made – life is essentially infinite at the test temperatures so long as the actual changes measured are acceptable for proposed applications.


Sour fluid immersion testing of nine thermoplastic materials according to API 6A Annex. F (ISO 10423:2009, section F. at 121°C for 160 hours has been completed. Performance was evaluated by measuring changes in mass, volume and tensile property levels at room temperature.

Changes in mechanical and physical properties have been measured after immersion in the hydrocarbon oil phase of a multi-phase sour fluid containing 10mol% hydrogen sulphide (10/5/85mol% H2S/CO2/CH4).

The testing concluded none of the values exceed the NORSOK M710 Rev. 3 acceptance criteria. No visual change occurred to the materials i.e. no tendency towards dissolution, cracking, blistering or physical deformation.

Code Description NORSOK M-710 Rev 2 API 6A
Material Code Approved Material Code Approved
01 Virgin PTFE -01N -01A
03 PTFE/Carbon/Graphite -03N -03A
05 PTFE/Carbon/Graphite -05N -05A
06 Premium PTFE -06N -06A
13 Virgin PEEK -13N -13A
17 15% Glass Filled PTFE -17N -17A
22 Modified PTFE -22N -22A
26 Glass/Graphite/PTFE -26N -26A
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