Jacket Materials

Moontown offers a wide choice of seal jacket materials, mainly based on PTFE resins.

PTFE is resistant to most chemicals except chlorine trifluoride/fluorine gas at high temperatures and molten alkali metals. However, as many sealing applications use filled PTFE resins to improve performance, care should be taken that the filler will not be attacked by the sealed medium.

Stainless steel and NACE approved springs are available as is a range of elastomeric energisers.

When using elastomers, consideration of temperature/chemical compatibility and life should be accounted for.

At temperatures below - 40deg. C, PTFE and many other jacket materials will harden and shrink. This feature imposes higher loads on the energiser and may compromise sealing efficiency. Face seals (Axial Seals) are less affected than Radial Seals but we recommend our technical department be consulted for seal designs working at - 40 deg.C and below.

Code Description Col Application Temp (°C) Coeff. Friction Wear Factor
01 Virgin PTFE White Excellent for light dynamic and static service. Low gas permeability. Good cryogenic properties. FDA approved. -260 +200 0.09

10000 HIGH

02 Premium PTFE Blue Similar properties to code 01 but with improved wear resistance. -260 +200 0.09 150
03 PTFE/Carbon/Graphite Black Excellent material for heat and wear resistance. Recommended for dry and poorly lubricated applications, suitable in water and steam service. -260 +300 0.09 10
04 PTFE/Glass Grey Recommended for high pressure hydraulic service, steam and water. Abrasive against soft metal in dynamic applications under high pressure. -200 +260 0.08 10
05 PTFE/Carbon/Graphite Black Similar to code 03 but increased wear resistance. Excellent in steam and water under severe conditions. Very good extrusion resistance at high temperature. Excellent for back up rings. -250 +300 0.10 6
06 Premium PTFE Black Excellent material for extreme dynamic conditions. Combinations such as high temperature, pressure, speed and dry running. Excellent in water and water based solutions. Abrasive against soft metals. -250 +300 0.09 1
07 PTFE/Bronze Brown Good abrasive resistance. Excellent in hydraulic applications. Not recommended for rotary applications. -150 +290 0.08 5
08 PTFE/Polyester Tan Special compound for high temperature applications. Recommended for low to medium speed applications running against soft metals. -240 +300 0.13 4
09 Ekonol Filled PTFE Brown Special compound with superior heat and wear resistance characteristics. Non abrasive. Recommended for low to high speed running against soft metals. Not good in water. -250 +300 0.15 3
10 UHMW-PE White Excellent wear material but limited heat and chemical resistance. Excellent for cryogenic temperatures. FDA approved. -250 +80 0.11 4
11 PTFE / Glass ./ MOS2 Grey Similar to code 04 but softer for improved sealing at lower pressure. Can be abrasive against soft metals. -250 +300 0.09 1
12 PTFE / Graphite Black General purpose material with good heat and wear characteristics. Good in water, non lubricating fluids and compatible with all hydraulic fluids and most chemicals. -250 +300 0.09 20
13 PEEK Tan A high modulus material with excellent high temperature resistance. Excellent for back-up rings only. -70 +250 N/A N/A
15 Filled PTFE White A food/drug compatible blend. Application tests should be carried out for prolonged use in water. FDA approved. -250 +300 0.11 3
17 15% Glass Filled PTFE White Typically used for back-up rings. Abrasive in dynamic applications running against soft metals. -200 +270 0.10 3
22 Modified PTFE White Excellent for static applications, particularly good in cryogenic duty using thin gases. FDA approved. -260 +230 0.09 10
27 Filled PTFE Tan Good wear material, particularly in rotary applications and less abrasive on softer mating surfaces. -240 +290 0.10 5

Ekonol is a registered trademark of SOHIO Co.

Other materials available. Use will be determined by our technical department in consideration of specific application.

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