Operating Conditions

The Moontown high performance seal has a temperature range from cryogenic to 1100 °C at pressures from 1x10-10 Torr to 6900 BAR. These seals are normally not affected by corrosion, radiation or other adverse environmental conditions, provided the seal material is compatible with the medium.

Seal Design Concept

The Moontown high performance seal is a self and pressure activated design. When the seal is compressed to a predetermined deflection, sealing stresses are generated by the resilient jacket and spring. Additional seal energization is achieved when system pressure is introduced, increasing seal loading. Unless otherwise engineered, the system pressure is applied to the open side of the seal.

High Performance Metallic Seal Types:

Moontown High Performance Seals use the compression of the mating hardware contact surfaces, and the system pressure or vacuum to provide an effective metal leakproof seal. The Moontown c-seal utilises high temperature alloys for both jacket and springs. The proper combination of the base materials and surface coatings make it possible to seal practically any fluid at extreme temperatures or pressures without deterioration over extended periods of time.

Moontown High Performance Seals provides superior performance for the most internal, external and axial applications such as:

Because of these capabilities, Moontown high performance seals are widely used in critical and demanding applications, including:

Dynamic Applications

Moontown high performance seals are ideal metallic seals for limited reciprocating and rotating motion, involving fluids and gasses with system pressures up to 2000 BAR cryogenic to high temperatures. The seal design and the unique forming and fabricating process provides a metal seal that maintains contact with the dynamic sealing surfaces. The energizing spring exerts uniform pressure on the jacket and keeps pre-set load on the seals. This unique design requires moderate sliding force, which can be adjusted to prevent seal deterioration and surface damage in dry or poorly lubricated applications.

Design Considerations For Non-Circular Shapes

Moontown high performance seals are made in circular and non-circular configurations. The non-circular shapes in most cases require special tooling. There is also a very important relationship between the free height and the corner radii on these seals. Some of the non-circular shapes we are currently producing are as follows: Square Rectangular Oval Racetrack

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